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About Us

We are Bruce and Audrey Coleman, breeders of Blue Ribbon Golden Retrievers. We are located in Central New York, between Binghamton and  Syracuse.

We got our first Golden Retriever in 1976 and, of course, fell in love with the breed.  We started out training Goldilocks at a local Cooperative Extension class and we have continued training and competing in obedience ever since. 


While Bruce was busy with obedience, Audrey decided that she would also like to work with a dog.  Thus was the start of field training.


Blue Ribbon Goldens came to be when we purchased Trifectas Repeat Performance (Ditto) who went on to earn high level field and obedience titles as well as a CCA. Ditto was the dog who taught us about the on/off switch that is treasured by dog owners.  Plenty of drive to do what is asked of them but calm enough to live beside us in the house.  When bred to our girl Rocket, they produced talented hunting partners who were family pets as well as high-achieving obedience and agility competitors. Ditto became an Outstanding Sire, Rocket became an Outstanding Dam and Blue Ribbon Goldens earned the coveted Breeder of Merit designation from the AKC.


We became so entrenched in the dog games that we moved from the suburbs of New York City to Central New York where we purchased 137 acres.  As most field-oriented people do, we built ponds to use in training. 


Blue Ribbon Goldens - Home Of
Ditto      Trifectas Repeat Performance ***, MH, UD, OS, CCA, VCX, WCX, CGC, Can CD (At The Bridge)

Arrow    Tarat's Aim For The Stars UD, SH, RAE, WCX, CGC, Can CDX, WCI, CCA (At The Bridge)

Rocket  Ambertrail Rocket's Red Glare **, SH, CD, WCX, OD, CGC, Can WCI (At The Bridge)

Leo        OTCH Sunfire Leo The Leg Breaker UDX4, OM1, SH, WCX, CGC, Can CD, WCI (At The Bridge)

Vinny    Blue Ribbon's Vinny The Enforcer ***, MH, UDX, VER, WCX, CGC, VCX, CCA (At The Bridge)

Fanny   Blue Ribbon’s Funny Girl UDX3, VER, RN, MH, WCX, CGC

Kate      Rippling Run Blue Ribbon's Kiss Me MH, UD, WCX, CGC, CCA

Pete      HRCH Skylight's Repeat Offender ***, SH, CDX, CCA, CGC

Hank    HR Fern Hill’s Most Valuable Player SH, CDX, WC, CCA, CGC

Fred     Mioak’s Close Encounters of the Third Time (Puppy in Training)

Contact Us

You may reach us by phone

(607) 226-1472

or by email


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