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Blue Ribbon’s Funny Girl UDX3, VER, RN, MH, WCX, CGC

Fanny is quite a special girl.  When she was 2 years old and Audrey returned from a hospital partially paralyzed Fanny was the one who stayed by the bed.  Audrey and she had planned to run Senior Hunt tests that summer but Audrey, who then had to start using a walker, had doubts they could do that.  After many conversations between Fanny and Audrey it was decided that they would go for it and they did it in fine fashion, passing 5 straight Senior tests to earn the title. They later went on to earn a Master Hunter title. 


Titles are one thing.  Here is the other.  As Audrey could not bend down to pick up things Fanny took over the job, and it was quite the job as Audrey dropped many things.  If Fanny was not nearby when this happened she would come running when she heard the sound of an item hitting the floor.  We marveled at her technique for picking up a single piece of paper flat on the floor.  As Audrey’s condition improved, Fanny took a step back and came only when pressed into service. Ten years later Fanny is still picking up after Audrey.


Along the way Fanny was recognized by the American Kennel Club for earning her UDX3 title. 


“Sweet Pea”, as she is known to her family and friends, has spread cheer as a Therapy Dog, registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Pet Partners of Central New York.  In 2017 Audrey and Fanny teamed up as Hospice volunteers and in 2019 they were both honored as Volunteers of the Year at a dinner which Fanny attended. 


At 12 years of age Fanny has the spirit and energy of a dog half her age.  She always wants to get up and go and is game for any type of activity.

For Fanny's pedigree and health clearances, click 

Fanny With Flower June 2018.jpg

Fanny at Age 10 Having Fun 

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