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HRCH Skylight's Repeat Offender CDX, QAA, SH, CCA, CGC

Pete is everything one could hope for: looks, brains, personality.  He possesses the desired on/off switch which makes him an "easy to get along with" house dog as well as an energetic dog desirous of any type of job. Pete has a sense of humor and keeps us smiling even if he is being naughty.  Fortunately Pete is versatile enough to easily change gears from field to obedience and back.

Pete has earned the coveted HRCH title and is preparing to go for his Utility title in obedience.  

For Pete's pedigree and health clearances, click 

Pete FLRC Hunt Test rev.jpg
Pete Jumping in Water CU.jpg
Puppy Pete with Football.jpg
Pete CU Inside.jpg
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