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Blue Ribbon's Vinny The Enforcer ***, MH, UDX, VER, WCX, CGC, VCX, CCA

Vinny is gone but our love for him lives on.  He was our pick from our first breeding of Ditto and Rocket.  Not once have we thought we made the wrong decision.  He was solidly built and had a solid temperament to match.  All our friends remember him as a  real gentleman.  Vinny was a therapy dog most of his life and most recently was working with our local Hospice.  He loved going to the local Veterans Home where he was a hit with the group of dementia patients who reside there. 


It was always a pleasure to work with Vinny in field and obedience.  He may not have always done things perfectly but he worked with us.  His accomplishments in field and obedience speak for themselves. 


We wrote this when Vinny was 14 years old and still had the personality that made us smile.  As we would say to people who asked about him, “Vinny will always be Vinny”. 

For Vinny's pedigree and health clearances, click
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